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A Paleo podcast
August 5, 2010, 2:59 pm
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 I’ve been a podcast junkie for well over 2 years now. I think it’s a fabulous way of packaging and communicating complex information to a wide audience. I’ve learnt a lot about the History of the Roman Empire, American politics, Philosophy and Astronomy by downloading and listening to 10-40 minute long audio-shows. They’re put together by a diverse lot – professors, enthusiasts, college-students, school children, former radio talk-show hosts, journalists etc.

Truth be told, I’d rather sit through a poorly-executed podcast than a badly written blog entry. I’ve tried rummaging through the wastelands of the science podcastosphere in search of a Paleontology podcast of some sort. So far, I’ve only located this one: This Week in Dinosaurs. It lasted for a single episode. So R.I.P TWID, I guess.

This is my plea: If you’re a Paleo-person (and I include professionals and enthusiasts alike under this umbrella) of any kind and have the time, equipment and expertise to host a Paleontology podcast, please do consider doing so. I’m willing to hazard that there’s a large community of hobbyists and amateurs out there just waiting to get their hands on such a show. I’d be glad to help/promote in any way possible.

EDIT: Turns out that there is a non-defunct Dinosaur podcast show out there: Awesome!


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I feel the same way! I am a podcast junkie. Do you listen to the Skeptics Guide to the Universe. It’s great. I also listened to that single TWID show a while ago – it really had potential, I thought. The host was decent, and he had Bakker on, so he apparently wasn’t bad at booking good guests.

There is a single dinosaur podcast called Dinorama, though they have an admittedly irregular schedule. Here’s a post about it by host Zach Miller, from his blog.

Comment by David

Holy bleep, a PODCAST DEDICATED SOLELY TO DINOSAURS (and other Mesozoic reptiles, I hasten to add)!? This is going up on my blogroll pronto. It’s a shame that it’s only got 2 episodes though.
I listen to the Skeptic’s Guide to the Universe. religiously.
I wonder if there will come a day when there are a number of podcast shows specializing in different Geological epochs. Sort of like in the History podcastosphere, where there are shows that deal exclusively with British History, Jewish History, Classical History, Napoleonic History etc. etc.

I’ve noticed that something of that sort exists in the Paleoblogosphere, where there are blogs like Chinleana which deal with just the Triassic period or that other fabulous blog which deals with just Curotarsans. Plenty of blogs work within the temporal limits of the Mesozoic. I’m not familiar with many blogs that deal exclusively with the Cenozoic, Paleozoic or The Era That Shalt Not Be Named (the Precambian).

Comment by arvindpillai

This is something I’ve thought about – I’ve always loved radio and thought it would be fun to do. As a kid, I used to fill cassette tapes with my own made-up radio programming (including music, performed a capella). I was excited when Dinorama came out, and I hope they can continue it on a more regular basis. Zach’s a natural for it – both knowledgeable and opinionated.

I wish I could dedicate myself to trying it out, but it’s not in the cards at the moment. I think that it might be a stretch to imagine a number of shows specializing in different epochs, but I can certainly see a geo/ paleo podcast that focuses on them in individual episodes. There’s so much potential – it could also focus on existing parks/ natural areas with geological interest and talk about their deep history.

Are there any other geologically oriented shows you know of?

BTW, I’m a huge Dan Carlin fan, too! He introduced me to the book “Guns Germs and Steel” by Jared Diamond, which I recommend to anyone who will put up with me. It ties history, geography, and by association Earth’s evolving geology together in a way that makes so much sense.

Comment by David

Sorry for the late reply on this.
On Dan Carlin: I would have linked Hardcore History up there, but I figured that it was so mainstream that it required little promotion from the likes of me. And yes, Jared Diamond is fantastic. I’ve read the book and watched the documentary as well. I wholeheartedly endorse “Guns, Germs and Steel”.
On geology podcasts: Nah, I can’t think of anything in particular.
On podcasts: Say, have you ever considered doing those interviews you do so well via Skype/telephone? That’d be fantastic!

Comment by arvindpillai

I very much want to do an interview in person. I’ve definitely considered skype or phone, but hadn’t had a chance where I felt it was appropriate, because I didn’t want to be too much of a hassle to people with busy schedules. I have some possible interview subjects I want to approach, and I’m thinking about trying for a live conversation, though.

Comment by David

Hey there, thanks for stopping by my blog. I’ve actually been lurking here for a while too. I love the extent of your content. Keep up the good work!

I agree with you completely. I’ve been looking for good paleo-podcast content for years, to no avail. The Dinorama Podcast is great, but I’m always looking for more.

Comment by David Tana

Hi there!
I noticed the same thing and. After spending weeks searching through iTunes and Google i gave up and decided to make My own. If your still interested head over to my website, there Will be daily updates and hopefully à weekly or fortnightly podcast. Let Me know what you guys think of it. Thanks!

Comment by Palaeocast

I’ll most certainly link to you on the side-bar- kudos on taking the initiative!

Comment by arvindpillai

Try the “Science… sort of” podcast. They talk Palaeontology all the time.

Comment by Rich

“Paleocast” is a quality paleontology-based podcast produced by grad students from Bristol University in GB. Each episode – I think they are on ep. 26 by now has an interview with a prominent paleontologist who is an expert in a certain area – mass extinctions, invertebrate paleontology, Devonian tetrpod transition, etc. Each episode is ~ 1 hr in length. Solid science discussed, minimal fluff. Interesting topics.

Comment by rich

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