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December 3, 2011, 6:57 pm
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So, I’m thinking of dealing with Mesozoic Sea Reptiles and then the Great American Biotic Interchange next. I’d be glad to take any requests for vertebrate groups (extinct or extant) or topics you think I should cover in the comments section.


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great blog! i’m excited for the new post 🙂

Comment by lyssa

Is much known about transitions into pterosaurs? That’d be pretty interesting, but I’ll be reading any posts you put up regardless!

Comment by J

Hey J,

I’m more than willing to have a crack at the Pterosauria – there’s a ton of great research done on them, although there appears to be great uncertainty about their precise evolutionary origins (I think I offhandedly mentioned that in my Bat post). The Pterosaurs will certainly have a place here in the future.

Thanks J and lyssa for reading!

Comment by arvindpillai

Could you do a post on the Permian extinction?

Comment by mark

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